2012 MFL Health and Safety Conference Announced

Registrations are now being accepted for the 2012 MFL Health and Safety Conference. This year's conference will be held in Thompson on November 8 and 9. Buses have been arranged to transport attendees from Winnipeg to Thompson and back. The cost of the buses is included in the conference registration fee.

Conference highlights include:

  • A new workshop on “Exercising Health and Safety Rights for Young and Vulnerable Workers”;
  • The workshop on “Dealing with Stress, Harassment and Violence in the Workplace” has been updated to address new provincial regulations;
  • A new workshop on “Making and Sustaining Effective Health and Safety Committees”;
  • Keynote Speaker: Dave Gaudreau, newly elected MLA and long-time labour activist;
  • A social to celebrate 50 years of the United Steelworkers in Thompson; and
  • Returning workshops on beginner’s health and safety, WCB Basics, federally regulated workplaces, and environmental hazards at work.

Find out more by downloading the conference brochure and registration form.

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