Executive Council

In between MFL Conventions, the executive council is responsible for the overall operations, decision-making, planning, formulation of policy and the general development of the Manitoba Federation of Labour.

Table Officers

Kevin Rebeck


Jeff Traeger


Michelle Gawronsky

Executive Council VP

Ken Stuart

Executive Council VP

Executive Council Members

Abs Diza – MFL VP, Workers United

Aleem Chaudhary – MFL VP, ATU

Aline Audette – MFL VP, UFCW

Anna Rothney – Executive Director

Barbara Jones – Retiree VP

Basia Sokal – MFL Area VP, Winnipeg

Bea Bruske – MFL VP, UFCW

Carol Grant – MFL Area VP, Brandon

Cathy Woods – MFL Equality VP, Aboriginal Workers

Charlene Matheson – MFL VP, UNIFOR

Cindy Friesen – MFL Affiliate Caucus VP

Curt Martel – MFL Young Member VP


Doug Munro – MFL VP, Sheet Metal Workers

Edward Miller – MFL Area VP, Portage la Prairie

Gerry Labelle – MFL Area VP, Dauphin

Glenn Tomchak – MFL VP, IAM & AW

Janet Morrill – MFL VP, UMFA

Jean-Guy Bourgeois – MFL VP, MGEU

Jessie McNeill – MFL Area VP, Eastman

Kyle Kalcsics – MFL VP, Plumbers & Pipefitters

Lee McLeod – MFL VP, CUPE

Les Ellsworth – MFL Area VP, Thompson

Liz Dodds – MFL Area VP, The Pas

Marc Lafond – MFL VP, IUOE

Marianne Hladun – MFL VP, PSAC


Russell Shewchuk – MFL VP, IBEW

Stacey Jackson – MFL VP, CUPW

Susan Smerchanski – MFL Area VP, Selkirk

Syndi Souter – MFL Area VP, Flin Flon

Tony Sproule – MFL VP, USW

Wayne Chacun – MFL VP, MGEU

Vacant – MFL Equality VP, Workers of Colour

Vacant – MFL Equality VP, Solidarity and Pride

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