Executive Council

In between MFL Conventions, the executive council is responsible for the overall operations, decision-making, planning, formulation of policy and the general development of the Manitoba Federation of Labour.

Table Officers

Kevin Rebeck


Jeff Traeger


Michelle Gawronsky

Executive Council VP

Executive Council Members

Abs Diza – MFL VP, Workers United

Aleem Chaudhary – MFL VP, ATU

Aline Audette – MFL VP, UFCW

Anna Rothney – Executive Director

Barbara Jones – Retiree VP

Basia Sokal – MFL Area VP, Winnipeg

Bea Bruske – MFL VP, UFCW

Carol Grant – MFL Area VP, Brandon

Cathy Woods – MFL Equality VP, Aboriginal Workers

Cindy Friesen – MFL Affiliate Caucus VP

Curt Martel – MFL Young Member VP


Doug Munro – MFL VP, Sheet Metal Workers

Edward Miller – MFL Area VP, Portage la Prairie

Gerry Labelle – MFL Area VP, Dauphin

Glenn Tomchak – MFL VP, IAM & AW

Janet Morrill – MFL VP, UMFA

Jean-Guy Bourgeois – MFL VP, MGEU

Jessie McNeill – MFL Area VP, Eastman

Kyle Kalcsics – MFL VP, Plumbers & Pipefitters

Lee McLeod – MFL VP, CUPE

Les Ellsworth – MFL Area VP, Thompson

Liz Dodds – MFL Area VP, The Pas

Marc Lafond – MFL VP, IUOE

Marianne Hladun – MFL VP, PSAC

Russell Shewchuk – MFL VP, IBEW

Stacey Jackson – MFL VP, CUPW

Susan Smerchanski – MFL Area VP, Selkirk

Syndi Souter – MFL Area VP, Flin Flon

Tony Sproule – MFL VP, USW

Wayne Chacun – MFL VP, MGEU

Vacant – MFL Equality VP, Workers of Colour

Vacant – MFL Equality VP, Solidarity and Pride

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