In Memoriam

Their labours are ended

They have laid down their tools for the last time

Their meeting is adjourned all outstanding motions tabled

For some it was a long journey, with a peaceful slipping away at the end

For others it was too short, with a fearful, painful, tragic departure

As we finish our shift, quit at the end of the day, switch off the lights we remember them

We remember their successes, their kindnesses, their quirks, their foibles

That time on the graveyard shift, in the canteen, at the grievance hearing, during negotiations, on the picket line, at the ball game, at the baby shower….

We tell the jokes that they told

Their final deadline is passed

Any copy that has to be written, production quotas that have to be met, dreams, hopes and desires that are still unfulfilled are left to us to complete

We continue where they left off

Move  that their motions be lifted from the table

Pick up the tools – once theirs, now ours, put on the headsets, switch on the ignitions, start the machines

Together we continue their labours, which have become ours. . .

The MFL remembers our sisters and brothers who have passed before us...



Scott McLaren, CAW



Caren Zimmerman, staff rep in the MGEU Dauphin office




Sandra Trowski, long-time activist with IAM & AW




Buffy Burrell, MGEU, CLC Staff and activist




Eugene Laye, USW Staff and activist




Sue Franklin, MGEU Activist, Corrections Local 9 President



Arnie Makinson, WLC Past President, Energy and Chemical Workers Union



Diane Gagnon, MFL-OHC



Michelle Masserey, UFCW Local 832




William (Bill) Haiko, ACTWU




Shirley Carr, CLC Past President

Dr. Ahmod Randeree, MFL-OHC

Nancy Riche, CLC and NUPGE

Ed Blackman, CUPE 500

Kenneth Hildahl, MGEU

Jim Banks,
President Local 468 and Manitoba Joint Council

George Czul,
President Local 468 and Manitoba Joint Council

Michele Demers, President, PIPSC

Heather Brenan, CEP 191

Errol Black, BUFA

John Marlow, CAW and CAIMAW

George Bergen, MGEU

Thomas Bleasdale, MGEA

Murray Craddock, CUPE



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