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MFL President Kevin Rebeck

MFL President Kevin RebeckKevin Rebeck was re-elected President of the Manitoba Federation of Labour for a third term in 2015. He was first elected in 2009 after serving as President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Manitoba Division, General Vice President of CUPE National and 2nd Vice President of the Winnipeg Labour Council. Brother Rebeck also served as a member of the MFL Executive Council for eight years prior to becoming President, the last three as MFL Executive Vice President.

On assuming office, he set the tone for his term by saying, "It's an honour to have the unanimous support of Manitoba's labour movement. The MFL will continue to push governments to enact progressive laws and policies that will benefit working families. To do this, we will redouble our efforts to activate, motivate and educate union activists to carry out our work on the shop floor, in our communities and in the political arena."

Brother Rebeck has been active in the Manitoba Labour movement since 1992. He has been an invited speaker on a variety of public policy issues, including;

  • the Economic Crisis and unemployment
  • Anti-Security Prosperity Partnership Agreements
  • Privatization and Contracting Out concerns
  • Canadian Pension Plan Reforms
  • Government Budgets and Consultations
  • Expert Panel on Older Workers
  • Premiers Economic Advisory Committee Round Table on Healthcare
  • The 2009 World Water Forum

Brother Rebeck is a committed partner in strengthening our community and has served on:

  • United Way of Winnipeg’s Urban Exchange Advisory Committee
  • the Board of Local Investment Towards Employment (LITE)
  • Chair and Board Member of the Manitoba Community Services Council
  • been involved with the Canadian Labour Congress Kids Camp
  • has worked with a variety of community and youth organizations.

A long-time activist in the New Democratic Party, he has served on the Provincial Executive, has been a Constituency President and currently is the Vice President of Concordia Constituency. Brother Rebeck believes in engaging our community to be more politically active and involved.

Kevin Rebeck is the President for the Manitoba Federation of Labour, he has been a community and Labour activist for over 20 years, and is committed to ensuring working families have a voice in the workplace, in the community and in the political arena.

Follow Kevin on Twitter: @KevinRebeck

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