MFL calls for Improvements to Workplace Safety Law

The Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) has made 15 recommendations to strengthen the Workplace Safety and Health Act as part of a provincial review.

in a submission to the provincial government, the MFL made recommendations:

  • to beef up safety training;
  • to require investigations into workplace deaths;
  • to better protect workers from being punished for exercising their safety rights;
  • to hold employers that flout safety rules accountable;
  • to give workers the right to appeal more decisions that affect their safety;
  • to make it easier for unions to defend workers' safety;
  • to improve the way health & safety committees work;
  • to stregthen the right to refuse unsafe work;
  • to clarify workers' safety rights in the law;
  • to improve public information and data about workplace safety; and
  • to strengthen the role of the Chief Prevention Officer.

You can read the MFL's detailed recommendations HERE.

The MFL submission was prepared for a provincial review that is required by law every five years.

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