Open Letter to Premier Pallister

Dear Premier Pallister,

This year, the minimum wage will increase in every province but two – Newfoundland and Labrador, and Manitoba. At $11 per hour, Manitoba’s minimum wage falls far short of what families need to get by.

Manitoba’s new government has refused to commit to an increase in the minimum wage, which will force families to make impossible choices between paying rent or buying groceries, school supplies and other essentials.

Sixty percent of our province’s minimum wage earners are women, many with children. Annual increases to the minimum wage help make life a little easier for our lowest earning families. They, in turn, spend nearly all of their income on basic needs at local businesses, helping grow our economy.

Manitoba’s minimum wage usually increases on October 1st each year to help families at least keep up with inflation. Without an annual increase, inflation leaves minimum wage earners $400 worse off, each year.

Premier Pallister, we call on you to cancel your freeze on the minimum wage and help more families make ends meet – because every Manitoban deserves a living wage.

  1. AIL in Canada
  2. ATU 1374
  3. ATU 1505
  4. BCTGM
  5. Brandon & District Labour Council
  6. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (MB)
  7. Canadian Community Economic Development Network (MB)
  8. Canadian Federation of Students (MB)
  9. Canadian Labour Congress
  10. CMHA Interlake Eastern
  11. COPE 342
  12. Conference of Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario – United Church of Canada
  13. CUPE 110
  14. CUPE 500
  15. CUPE 737
  16. CUPE 3473
  17. CUPE 4270
  18. CUPE Manitoba
  19. CUPW Red River Local 819
  20. CUPW Winnipeg Local 856
  21. Dauphin & District Labour Committee
  22. GMP Local 174B
  23. IBEW 435
  24. IBEW 2085
  25. Immigration Partnership Winnipeg
  26. Low Income Intermediary Project
  27. Make Poverty History Manitoba
  28. Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties
  29. Manitoba Building Trades & Allied Hydro Council Manitoba Eco-Network
  30. Manitoba Federation of Labour
  31. Manitoba Federaton of Union Retirees
  32. Manitoba Teachers’ Society
  33. MGEU
  34. Manitoba Nurses Union
  35. North Point Douglas Women’s Centre
  36. Noth End Women’s Centre
  37. Operating Engineers of Manitoba Local 987
  39. Portage La Prairie Labour Council
  40. PSAC Prairie Region
  41. PSAC/NHU 50012
  42. PSAC/UNDE 50705
  43. PSAC/USGE 50026
  44. Right to Housing Coalition
  45. School of Social Work at University of St. Boniface
  46. SMART Local 511
  47. Social Planning Council of Winnipeg
  48. TEAM-IFPTE 161
  49. Thompson Labour Council
  50. UA Local 254
  51. UFCW 832
  52. University of Manitoba Faculty Association
  53. Unifor
  54. Unifor 7
  55. Unifor 191
  56. Unifor 681
  57. Unifor 830
  58. Unifor 3003
  59. USW 6166
  60. USW 9074
  61. Visions of Independence
  62. Winnipeg Labour Council
  63. West Broadway Community Ministry
  64. West Broadway Community Services
  65. Workers United
  66. Youth Agencies Alliance
  67. Youville Centre

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Mr. Pallister, let's give low-income Manitobans a raise. 


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