New Workplace Violence Regulations Take Effect August 31

At the end of August, new workplace safety and health regulations went into effect to address violence in the workplace. These changes were announced by Labour Minister Jennifer Howard on April 6, 2011 and were developed with input from labour representatives on the Minister’s Advisory Council on Workplace Safety and Health.

The new regulations apply to sectors which have statistically been shown to be more at risk of violence in the workplace, such as health care, pharmaceutical dispensing, schools, police and corrections, buses and taxis, licensed premises and others. Employers in these sectors will now be required to take a series of additional measures to eliminate or control the risk of violence to workers. Some of these required actions include measures to summon help when violent or threatening situations occur and informing workers of known risks of violence (eg. an obligation to inform a health care aide about a patient in their care who poses a known risk of violence).

More information about the new regulations can be found in a PDF from the Safe Manitoba website.

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