Pallister government’s throne speech lets families down

Manitoba Federation of Labour President Kevin Rebeck expressed disappointment in the priorities contained in the government’s Speech from the Throne.

“The Premier recently said that he respects collective bargaining and the thousands of Manitoba workers who deliver the vital services families count on, but that’s clearly not the case,” said Rebeck. “In this throne speech, the Premier seems set on undermining collective bargaining and restricting the ability for our hospitals, clinics and crown corporations to deliver services.”

Rebeck said that for many Manitobans, their experience with the new PC government has not been positive, noting that the government has already:

  • Passed a law that makes it harder for Manitobans to join a union.
  • Interfered in collective bargaining.
  • Refused to raise the minimum wage, making Manitoba one of only two provinces to not increase the minimum wage this year.

Rebeck also said he was troubled by the government’s plan to eliminate legislation that ensures transparency and accountability in public private partnerships (P3s).

“The Premier talks about moving Manitoba forward, but with each day, it’s more and more apparent that he’s turning backwards,” said Rebeck. “Short-sighted cuts and deregulation that characterized the last PC government’s time in office simply aren’t the solution. It’s time for the Premier to start listening to Manitobans and make progress on their priorities.”

The Manitoba Federation of Labour is Manitoba’s central labour body, representing the interests of more than 100,000 unionized workers from every sector, in every region of the province.

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