Why Union?

Union Membership is Your Right

Working people have struggled for fair wages, safe working conditions and fair treatment since the dawn of the industrial age.

Union membership is your right - acting together is the only effective way of meeting the power held by employersThey have found that the only effective way to meet the power held by employers and supervisors is to act together rather than as individuals. Acting together usually means  joining a union.

Manitoba Labour Laws guarantee every employee the right to be a union member. Whether you exercise that right is your choice. Your employer cannot tell you that you can't join a union or threaten reprisal if you choose to do so.

The specific benefits that prompt working people to choose union membership vary from individual to individual, but they generally include the desire for improved wages and benefits, more on-the-job respect, and increased job security. In Manitoba, if the majority of a company's employees indicate they want to be members of a union, they are entitled by law to do so. Find out more about joining a union.

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