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Manitoba’s workers compensation system rewards employers for having fewer and cheaper workers compensation claims by charging them lower premiums.

That sounds like a good idea in theory, but in practice this system has encouraged many employers to keep their WCB costs down by:
• Discouraging injured workers from reporting injuries or filing compensation claims
• Preventing injured workers from reporting injuries or filing compensation claims
• Pressuring injured workers to return to work before they are ready and healthy enough to work
• Encouraging injured workers to accept alternative benefits instead of filing a WCB claim
• Aggressively fighting against almost every WCB claim filed by their employees
• Punishing workers for reporting injuries or filing WCB claims

These employer responses are called “claims suppression” and they’re undermining our workers compensation system. That’s why the Manitoba Federation of Labour has been calling for an independent review of WCB claims suppression.

On November 2nd, the Minister of Labour launched a review of claims suppression in the WCB system. This review is your chance to speak out about claims suppression. This review is our chance to push for a more fair workers compensation system in Manitoba.

Read the MFL's recommendations to put a stop to WCB claims suppression.

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