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Working to Improve Workers Compensation

The MFL has always fought for the right of injured workers to have a fair compensation system that ensures Worker Incident Report - MFL fights for the right of injured workers to have fair compensationinjured workers and  their families do not suffer hardship as a result of workplace injuries. The MFL believes workers compensation should be available to all injured workers when they need it, where they need it and without unnecessary complications.

Our recent priorities in pushing for better workers compensation include:

Fighting Claims Suppression

The workers compensation system is increasingly being undermined by claims suppression, the practice where employers discourage or prevent the reporting of injuries to the WCB. Although claims suppression is illegal, the “Experience Rating” premium setting system creates a powerful incentive for employers to avoid reporting injuries; under the Experience Rating system, an employer’s WCB premiums increase with the cost and time lost to injuries in their workplace. 

The MFL has been lobbying WCB and the provincial government to put a stop to claims suppression. As a first step to replacing the Experience Rating system, we want a thorough, independent and public review of the system, to evaluate its effectiveness in achieving its stated goal - promoting safer workplaces.

Find out more about WCB claims suppression.

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