Health & Safety Training

Under Manitoba law, every employer must provide training to all workers

Did you know:

  • You must be trained when beginning work or, when duties change.
  • You must be trained about:
    • Fire and Emergency
    • Location of First Aid
    • Identification of Prohibited Areas
    • Precautions regarding physical, chemical or biological hazards
    • Any procedures, plans, policies, and programs
    • Any hazards to ensure health and safety while at work.
  • You are not permitted to work unless you are:
    • Trained and experienced
    • Under close and competent supervision.
  • Members of safety and health committees and designated workplace safety and health representatives are entitled to two days of paid leave each year to attend health and safety training courses (section 44[1] of the Workplace Safety and Health Act).

Training Resources

Find training resources from the following sources:

MFL Occupational Health Centre

SAFE Workers of Tomorrow

SAFE Work: a joint initiative of the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba and the provincial Workplace Safety and Health Division

Accessing health & safety training:

  • Every Joint Health & Safety Committee member or H&S representative has a right to 2 days of paid education leave each year (Section 44 of W210 Workplace Safety & Health Act).
  • Education is more effective if worker and management counterparts attend together.
  • Vary courses amongst committee members so some receive education in ergonomics, or workplace violence or prevention methods.
  • Courses selected by joint committee are available from many sources.

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