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After you get proper medical attention (make sure the doctor knows your injury is work-related), it is very important that you move forward quickly with reporting your injury or illness. To assist you, we've put together some tips to help guide you through the process.

All Injuries should be reported

All workplace injuries should be reported to your employer. All injuries that require medical attention or cause you to miss work should be reported to the WCB.

Even minor injuries should be reported. Some injuries and occupational illnesses develop over time. A worker's notes on her of his minor work injuries, illnesses and accidents can be used to trace later how work may have caused or played a significant part in a more serious injury or illness.

If you don’t report an injury:

  • You may not get the safety training you need;
  • You may not get Workers Compensation benefits;
  • The boss may not know about a danger in the workplace, and other workers could get be injured too.

When you report an injury to your boss, you need to fill out a “Green Card” (Notice of Injury Form 1). Your employer should have these forms. Fill out two copies – one for your employer and one to keep for yourself. This is NOT an application for workers compensation; it is simply an injury report. Your employer has 5 days to file a report on your injury with the WCB (Form 2).

If your employer does not have Green Card forms, you should make your own report on what happened. You should include:

  • Your name;
  • a description of your injury;
  • the date and time of your injury;
  • the cause of the injury; and
  • the names of any witnesses.

Make two copies of your report and have your supervisor sign them. Give one copy to your supervisor and keep the other for yourself.

If your workplace has a safety and health committee, make sure you report your injury to a member of the committee too.

If your injury is serious enough to require medical attention or to require you to miss work, you should file a claim with the WCB.

How to file a WCB Claim

You have the right to file for Workers Compensation benefits if you have been injured at work, no matter how minor the injury may appear.  It is against the law to punish a worker for filing a WCB claim.

When you go to a doctor, tell him/her exactly what happened – not just that you “got hurt at work”.  Your doctor must fill out a report to WCB (Form 4).

We have more detail on filing a WCB claim here.

Be as specific as possible when completing your report

Include information such as:

  • Kind of machinery and weights of tools you use
  • How you stand or sit at the job and how fast you have to work
  • A photograph sometimes helps

Notify your union and your workplace health and safety committee that you are filing a claim.

You must report your injury to the WCB for a claim to be established

WCB will then decide whether they will provide lost wages, medical benefits and drugs.  If you require any assistance, contact your union representative.

If you do not have a union, free advice on filing your claim may be available from the Worker Advisor Office.

How to appeal a WCB decision

You have a right to appeal WCB decisions about your claim. WCB decisions that are commonly appealed by workers include:

  • your claim was denied;
  • the amount of benefits approved was incorrect;
  • your WCB benefits and services have been reduced or terminated;
  • you are not being provided a service such as rehabilitation or medical aid; or
  • your rehabilitation services are being terminated.

In making an appeal, you can and should use your union representative as an advocate. If you do not have a union, you may seek help with your appeal from the Worker Advisor Office (a free service, independent from the WCB) at 945-5787 (Winnipeg) or toll-free at 1-800-282-8069 (outside Winnipeg).

There are three steps to the appeal process of your WCB claim:

Step 1.
Adjudication is where decisions regarding your claim were made.

Step 2.
If you disagree with the adjudicator’s decision, you may request in writing a re-consideration of the matter at the Review Office. You should consult with your union representative before proceeding to the Review Office.

Step 3.
If you disagree with the Review Office’s decision, you may appeal to the Appeal Commission. This is the final level and is usually done in a hearing before an appeal panel. You should consult with your union representative before proceeding to the Appeal Commission.

Remember your full name and claim number are needed when contacting the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba.

Seek advice from the Worker Advisor Office

The Worker Advisor Office provides free, confidential advice, assistance and in some cases, representation to workers and/or their dependants who have claims with the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba.

The Worker Advisor Office is established under Section 108 of The Workers Compensation Act, to:

  • advise workers and/or their dependants of their rights under the Workers Compensation Act;
  • represent workers and/or their dependants at various levels in the appeal process; and
  • assist in increasing the level of awareness in Workers Compensation matters by providing information and education to the public and to organizations who represent injured workers.

The Worker Advisor Office is operated by the provincial government, independently of the WCB.

If you don't think you've been treated fairly...

You may seek help from the Fair Practices Office If you feel you have not been treated fairly by the WCB or if the WCB has not resolved your claim in a timely manner.

In the Ombudsman tradition, the Fair Practices Office is independent and impartial, and is mandated to do everything possible to ensure that a fair, courteous and timely process occurs in the resolution of WCB claims.

The Fair Practices Office is not a level of appeal. Decisions are made by WCB adjudicators and case managers and can be appealed to the Review Office of the WCB and the independent Appeal Commission.

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