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The MFL commends the provincial government on today's announcement that presumptive PTSD coverage will take effect for all workers starting on new year's day:


Organized Labour has been fighting against the suppression of legitimate WCB claims by employers for year's now, with incremental success.

Manitoba Federation of Labour President, Kevin Rebeck penned a piece for the Winnipeg Free Press on why we need changes to the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) system to make it more fair for both workers and employers. Read it here.

When Bill 26, the historic Accessibility Rights for Manitobans Act, goes to legislative hearings on October 29, Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) President Kevin Rebeck will be there to make a presentation on behalf of the MFL's 96,000 members.

WCB failing to crack down on employer abuses

WINNIPEG – Documents obtained through freedom of information reveal the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Manitoba has never once fined an employer for illegal claims suppression, despite a recent external review confirming that this employer abuse is happening in Manitoba.

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