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2022 MFL Convention

How will I get my Log In information for Convention?


Each registered delegate will receive an email with a unique Zoom link to log in to the 2022 MFL Online Convention. The email will be titled “MFL Convention Confirmation” and will be sent from Zoom 2 weeks prior to Convention.

Reminder emails will also be sent to delegates 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour prior to the start of Convention on May 5 at 9:00 am.

Is this your first MFL Convention?


MFL President Kevin Rebeck will be hosting an informal New Delegate Orientation Session on Monday, May 2, at 6:00 pm (for approx. one hour). You can register to attend here.

Special Forum on Manitoba’s Gender Pay Gap and the Case for Pay Equity


May 5, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Please join us for a Special Forum on Manitoba’s Gender Pay Gap and the Case for Pay Equity, organized by the MFL Women’s Committee – everyone is welcome (even non-delegates)!

We will be releasing brand new CCPA - Manitoba data on the extent of pay differences by gender, race and other factors, and discussing solutions for raising wages and closing the gap. 

Register here for the Special Forum on Manitoba's Gender Pay Gap.

Equality & Young Members Caucuses / VP Elections

The MFL’s Executive Council includes three Equality Vice President positions (Workers of Colour VP, Indigenous Workers VP, Solidarity & Pride VP) and a Young Members Vice President position. 

These Vice President positions are intended to promote the perspectives of Workers of Colour, Indigenous workers, 2SLGTBQI workers and young workers within the decision-making processes of our Federation and, specifically, on the MFL’s Executive Council, our governing body between conventions.



Greater representation of equity-seeking groups supports inclusion and improves the MFL’s ability to reflect and represent all members. 




Area Meetings / VP Elections


The MFL’s Constitution provides for Area Vice President positions on the MFL Executive Council to represent affiliates in areas where there are active local Labour Councils or Coordinating Committees.

It also provides for representation from areas where there were previously Labour Councils or Coordinating Committees in operation in the past.

Area VP positions are intended to represent the perspectives of affiliates in their respective areas at the Executive Council table, and to keep affiliates in the area informed of what’s going on at the MFL.


Is there a way for non-delegates to observe the Convention?


Yes, non-delegates can observe the Convention. Non-delegate observers do not need to register to view Convention.

We will have a live stream of the Convention available on our convention webpage: mfl.ca/Convention – observers are welcome to tune-in there. Please note: non-delegate observers will not be able to vote or speak at Convention.

How can I access technical support?


Online Convention Instructions for our Zoom platform have been included in the Convention Program starting on Page 10 – please take a few moments to review them in advance.

If you are not an experienced Zoom user, we strongly urge you to download the Zoom application and review the Online Convention Instructions in detail (if you can, please find a little time to practice before Convention)

If at any time you are experiencing technical difficulties logging-in or participating in the Convention, you can contact our virtual Convention host, AVentPro, at MFLConvention@Adventopro.com or 204-289-0896. Alternatively, you can send a message in the Convention zoom chat to “Tech Support” and someone will respond to you promptly.

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