Conservatives reverse position & stop blocking road worker safety law

December 2, 2013

On Monday, Manitoba Conservatives reversed their position and stopped blocking a proposed road worker safety law (Bill 2) from moving forward for debate in the legislature. If the Conservatives had blocked Bill 2 another day, the new rules could not be in place for the 2014 spring construction season.

The Conservatives’ change of heart came after several messages from the bill’s supporters, and a letter from the Manitoba Federation of Labour to Conservative Leader Brian Pallister. MFL Executive Vice President Wendy Sol wrote: “I am writing to request that you and your caucus allow the road worker safety bill to proceed to debate stage in the legislature. If you have concerns with the bill, I encourage you to use the legislative debates to express them. The safety of Manitoba road workers is at stake.”

The road worker safety bill was developed in response to calls from both the MFL and employers for improved speed limit signage in construction zones. The bill would require clear signage of reduced construction speed limits, to ensure that drivers know exactly when reduced limits are in effect, what they are, and when they end.

The MFL has already registered to present on the road worker safety law if it is allowed to proceed to legislative public hearings next week. Read about the proposed law HERE.