CUPW: “Municipalities Resist Canada Post’s Cuts”

April 23, 2014

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers points out an interesting fact: Canada Post claims to have consulted with 46 municipalities across the nation in its push to end home delivery services and get more mail “superboxes” into service. Since these “consultations” were by invitation only, who knows how the message was framed or received?

How the message was received? Well it turns out we do know. CUPW’s research shows that the same number of municipalities Canada Post claims to have consulted (46), have taken public positions against Canada Post’s plan.  More public consultation was done via an online and mail survey but CUPW’s analysis of those results shows little to no support for cuts. 

“Forty-six (46) municipalities, including some of Canada’s biggest cities, have now passed resolutions in support of door-to-door delivery and the number keeps growing,” said Denis Lemelin, National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

“These cuts would hurt communities. They would make the cost of doing municipal business more expensive, download the costs of maintaining so-called community mailboxes onto towns and cities, and cut off seniors and people with disabilities in our neighbourhoods,” said Lemelin.

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