Federal Public Service Professionals Rally Against Service Cuts

September 21, 2012

Public service employees of the federal government, represented by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), held a rally at the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg to raise awareness of the impact of the federal government’s ongoing attack on the public programs and services that Canadians depend on for their safety and well-being.

PIPSC members are scientists, health professionals, IT experts, engineers and many other professionals who are on the front lines dealing with some of the most challenging issues facing our communities and our country.

MFL President Kevin Rebeck brought Solidarity greetings to the Rally, on behalf of the Manitoba Federation of Labour. In his remarks, Rebeck pointed out that the Harper government has been attacking workers in both the private and public sectors since winning a majority government in a scandal-ridden election campaign. Thousands of voters have complained about voter-suppression tactics being used on Election Day – these complaints remain under investigation by Elections Canada.

Support from the Manitoba NDP was delivered by St. Norbert NDP MLA Dave Goudreau – who criticized the Harper government for weakening key government services with its relentless attacks on government workers and putting the safety of Canadians at risk.