Labour Supports Lake Winnipeg Research

May 17, 2011

Five Manitoba labour organizations, including the Manitoba Federation of Labour, are making contributions to the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium, which was founded in 1998 to coordinate scientific research related to water quality deterioration on Lake Winnipeg. The labour organizations will join the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium’s membership and make financial contributions to support the Consortium’s work.

MFL President Kevin Rebeck at the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium
MFL President Kevin Rebeck addresses the gathering while Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium Managing Director Dr. Al Kristofferson and MGEU President Lois Wales listen.

At a ceremony at which the new initiative was announced, Manitoba Federation of Labour President Kevin Rebeck said “The working families we represent have told us they are concerned about the health of Manitoba’s lakes, rivers and water. That’s why the Manitoba Federation of Labour and affiliated unions have decided to join the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium and to back up that support with financial contributions.”

The MFL is making a $500 donation to the Consortium. Other contributors are the Manitoba Government and General Employees Union $2500, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 832 $500, Canadian Union of Public Employees $500, and the Allied Hydro Council $500.

In addition to their cash donation, the MGEU will provide $20,000 over five years for the establishment of a new graduate student scholarship fund that will support research on Lake Winnipeg. The new scholarships will support graduate students using the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium’s research platform, the M.V. Namao, and will be in place for the 2012 field research season.