Manitobans join together to rally for a living wage

September 20, 2017

Nearly 100 people gathered at the steps of the Manitoba Legislature yesterday to call on the Pallister Government to take immediate steps to increase Manitoba’s minimum wage to $15-an-hour over the next three years at a rally organized by the Manitoba Federation of Labour and Make Poverty History Manitoba.

“No one should work full-time and still have to live in poverty, but that is exactly what is happening to thousands of Manitobans right now, because our minimum wage is a poverty wage,” MFL President Kevin Rebeck told the crowd.

The rally featured minimum wage earner Nicole Dvorak, who spoke about the challenges that she and her co-workers face because earning Manitoba’s minimum wage of $11.15 leaves them below the poverty line. 

Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew promised that if elected in 2020, an NDP government would bring in a living wage of $15-an-hour during its first term. 

The $15 is Fair rally drew many union and community members in solidarity for Manitoba’s working poor. 

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