MFL unveils new TV ad on workplace safety

October 5, 2012

The Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) believes in SAFE Work. And in the rights of workers. That’s the message behind the MFL’s SAFE Momentum ad, which is airing until January.

Kevin Rebeck, President of the MFL, emphasizes that workers have the right to know, the right to participate and the right to refuse unsafe work – and adds that the law protects workers from being punished for exercising their rights.

The SAFE Momentum program began in 2007 as a way for corporate and organizational leaders to support SAFE Work’s commitment to achieving a culture of health and safety in Manitoba. Through this partnership, organizations can demonstrate their commitment to the safety of workers and to all Manitobans, ensuring a safer province in which to work and live. MFL

The TV commercial can be veiwed at where Manitobans can also learn more about their safety and health rights at work.