NDP MP Peggy Nash blasts the Harper Government over 2013 Budget

April 5, 2013

Union members and activists filled the Union Centre Auditorium in Winnipeg on Friday April 5th to hear an analysis of the Harper Government’s 2013 Budget.

NDP MP Peggy Nash stopped in Winnipeg as part of her national tour to let Canadians know just what the Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his stable mates are foisting on the country. Nash joined CUPE National President Paul Moist and PSAC Regional Vice-President Marianne Hladun on a panel at the Union Centre.

Moist noted the budget mostly shuffles existing funding around within the government in an effort to hide cuts to infrastructure and training programs. Hladun said it is indefensible for the government to cut food safety inspection budgets given the tainted food scandals of recent years.

They warned that there is a danger that Canadians won’t gain a full understanding of the Harper Government’s assault on vital public services until they need them and find only empty offices. Canadians in need will be left on their own.