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Bill 30 Supported by MFL

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The MFL has submitted a brief to the provincial government in support of Bill 30. The Federation believes it will give more flexibility to the government in tough economic times such as now being experienced.

Bill 30 will give the government more options when working under the rigorous requirements of Part 3 of The Balanced Budget, Fiscal Management and Taxpayer Accountability Act.

Bill 30 does not represent the end of Manitobans commitment to paying off our public debts. It provides a three year respite from the mandatory annual $110 million payment on the debt.

If there's an aspect of Bill 30 that causes the MFL concern, that would be the tax reductions it contains. Bill 30 contains some measures that will reduce government income and its ability to fund critical public services and programs. Manitobans want our governments to 'invest' in health care and education - in roads and bridge - and other critical public services. The government must have enough income to make these investments.

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