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MFL Submission to Chief Prevention Officer's Review of Workplace Injury/Illness Prevention

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In April 2012, the Minister of Labour announced a comprehensive review of workplace illness/injury prevention programming in Manitoba. The review is being led by Manitoba's Chief Prevention Officer, with assistance from Dave Gaudreau, MLA.

The Manitoba Federation of Labour prepared a submission to this review process. The submission makes recommendations that:

  • prevention services should be coordinated by a dedicated branch of the Labour Department;
  • strong enforcement of safety laws is critical to effective prevention efforts;
  • there should be a dedicated revenue stream for prevention programming;
  • prevention efforts must avoid behaviour based safety approaches that blame workers for injuries;
  • sectoral/industry safety associations must have meaningful and equal representation from labour;
  • accreditation schemes are not the most effective approach to prevention;
  • programs should not focus on time loss injury rates;
  • prevention programming should target the unique needs of young workers, recent immigrants and smaller workplaces;
  • union training programs should be considered an intengral part of Manitoba's safety training infrastructure; 
  • effective public awareness campaigns are critical to promoting a culture of workplace safety and health;
  • safety training should be built into apprenticeship/vocational training programs; and
  • prevention efforts should be guided by evidence and research.

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