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MFL Responds to 2021 Provincial Budget

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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After an exhausting and difficult year, working families are looking for strategic investments to rebuild our economy, strengthen the public services we count on, protect workplace safety and health, and pick up the pace on vaccinations. 

Like many Manitobans, I was disappointed to hear that the Health Minister is satisfied with the pace of vaccinations. This government is nowhere near the 20,000 vaccinations a day it claimed it could administer. We need to see more urgency from the Pallister government - public health and our economy depend on it.  

Government should be leading the recovery through forward-looking plans to protect our economic future, with the goal of maintaining employment and getting thousands of Manitobans back to work in fairly paid, family supporting jobs. And with so many women forced out of the workforce by this pandemic, child care needs are a top priority for working families. But this government has no plan to create desperately needed affordable child care spaces.  

This budget also continues the Pallister government's obsession with imposed wage freezes, rather than letting workers negotiate fair contracts. That does nothing to support working families and grow our economy. 

Brian Pallister and his Finance Minister Scott Fielding continue to stubbornly focus on the money but not the needs of working families.

-Kevin Rebeck, President of the Manitoba Federation of Labour 

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