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Stefanson government introduces bill to raise the minimum wage

Monday, May 30, 2022

MFL News

For months now, Manitoba's unions have been raising the embarrassing fact that Manitoba is set to have the lowest minimum wage in the country this year. 

After refusing to do anything about this, today the Stefanson government scrambled to introduce a bill that would allow the government to make a one-off increase to Manitoba's minimum wage in light of skyrocketing inflation. The bill doesn’t specify how much the increase will be, only that it will be more than the 40 cent increase government announced just a few weeks ago, to take effect October 1. 

The government has also now committed to some sort of consultation prior to setting the rate of the additional minimum wage increase this year, and the MFL will be making it clear that anything less than a living wage is unacceptable. No one should work full-time but still live in poverty. And all workers should be paid enough to meet their basic needs like rent, food, transportation, and clothing. 

You can read the MFL's full position on the Stefanson government's minimum wage bill here


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