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MFL Statement on 2022 Throne Speech

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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We know that working families have been hit hard over the last three years by the COVID-19 pandemic and now by crushing increases at the grocery stores, the gas pumps, and in the cost of housing.

Manitoba workers are increasingly worried about paying the bills and supporting their families.  And they are also worried about public services being there for them when they need them after years of cuts and chaos under the Pallister/Stefanson government.

Now, many economists and even the Bank of Canada are talking about Canada experiencing slower economic growth and the potential for a recession in 2023. We were hoping to see a stronger plan to protect good jobs and economic security for working families in this Throne Speech. 

Manitobans have seen our public services and the people who provide them, like in health care, stretched to their limit by the pandemic and the cuts and chaos of Brian Pallister and Heather Stefanson.

We know that much more will need to be done to rebuild the system after years of cuts and chaos. There are still staffing shortages throughout the public service and public sector workers are tired of being treated unfairly by this government. These dedicated Manitobans provide valuable services we all rely on, and the government needs to start respecting them and investing more in the services they provide. 

This government’s plan for more private health care is not the answer. Manitobans want more investment in building up and staffing our public health care system. They do not want government to sink money into a private system that will only serve to poach staff from the public system and line the pockets of this government’s corporate friends.

We know that our health care system is expected to face increased pressure due to this respiratory virus season. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted just how unfair it is to force sick workers to choose between going to work to pay the bills, or staying home to protect public health. Over half of Manitoba’s workers have no access to paid sick days on the job. 

That is why the MFL is renewing its call for the provincial government to guarantee at least 10 paid sick days for all workers in Manitoba. 

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