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Don't let Pallister wreck what's working

Last fall, the Pallister government introduced legislation (Bill 16) that will significantly change collective bargaining rules in Manitoba and tip the scales against workers and unions.

If it is passed into law, it will mean less fairness and more conflict in the workplace. 



Fight Back against Bill 16

Manitobans are the most fair-minded people in the country, and we value the ability to work together and build a stronger province. Unfortunately, we have a Premier who doesn’t value fairness and who doesn’t treat workers with respect.

This bill is a cynical and petty attack on working people and the unions that fight for them.

Your MFL is fighting back against this bill and its attacks on working people, and we need your help.

Sign our Petition and tell Pallister to back off his plans.

As part of our campaign, we have developed a number of materials to help union activists and workers to get the facts about Bill 16 and help them tell the Pallister government they have the wrong plan for our province. 



Learn more about Pallister's plans for labour relations

To help you fight back against Bill 16, download the MFL's Activist Guide to Bill 16. You can learn more about what Bill 16 would mean for you and your union, and find out how you can join the fight to stop it. 

Tell Pallister to keep binding arbitration rules in place

One of the worst aspects of this bill is that it will eliminate the Made-in-Manitoba binding arbitration rules that settle strikes and lockouts after they last more than two months. 

These rules bring in a neutral third party to settle deals when workers and employers cannot come to an agreement after 60 days of a labour dispute. They are the main reason why Manitoba has led the way as the province with the fewest days lost to strikes and lockouts over the last decade.

That's good for workers, for employers and for our economy. 

These rules are working for Manitoba, so why get rid of them? Even employers are saying we should keep these rules in place, not eliminate them. 

You can learn more about our Made-in-Manitoba approach to binding arbitration by watching the videos below. 



Raise your voice directly to the Pallister government

In Manitoba, anyone can speak their mind about laws that the government is considering. You can share your opposition to Bill 16 directly with members of the government. It's as easy as calling the Legislative Clerk's Office at 204-945-3636 to sign up. Just tell them who you are and that you want to speak to Bill 16.

When the bill goes to what is called the 'committee stage', you will be notified when the committee is meeting and you will have ten minutes to speak to the bill. If you can't present in person, you can just send your thoughts in writing to committees@leg.gov.mb.ca.

For more information about committee presentations, click here

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