Workplace safety records now available to public

July 3, 2012

As the Honourable Jennifer Howard, Minister of Family Services and Labour, promised at the recent MFL convention, safety records for Manitoba employers are now available to the public.

Manitobans can make a confidential request for detailed information about an employer’s safety record, including:

  • the date of the most recent safety inspection;
  • safety improvement orders issued at the last inspection;
  • stop work order sissued at the last inspection;
  • prosecution fines and penalties for safety violations (and whether or not they have been paid);
  • fatalities or serious safety incidents;
  • COR certification;
  • safety and health committee reporting to the province;
  • the WCB injury range and injury rate; and
  • other information abotu compliance with safety rules.

The form to make such a request can be downloaded HERE.

Manitobans can also search an online database about employer safety records with respect to:

  • stop work orders
  • prosecutions for safety violations; or
  • financial penalties for safety violations.