1919 Winnipeg General Strike Tour

May 16, 2014

Block off 3pm to 5 pm on Sunday May 25th, 2014 on your calendar; that’s when you’ll have the opportunity to take part in a two hour bus tour of the important sites in Winnipeg related to the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike.

On May 6th, 1919, the Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council voted to support the Metal Trades and the Building Trades Councils strike for wages and basic rights. Over 11,000 voted to join the strike that began on May 15th .

The 1919 Strike Tour will go through highlights of what happened in 1919, with a look at social and economic conditions that led to the strike. The tour reflects on how the echoes of the Strike can be heard in Winnipeg of 2014.

The tour starts in the north end, goes to the residential area south of the Assiniboine River and then ends in the Exchange area of the city, at Victoria Park.

The cost is $10 for employed adults, no charge for students, seniors, or those unemployed.

To reserve and assure a seat, contact us at, commgroup@mts.net or telephone 204 793 3289.  Visit www.victoriapark1919.ca for more history.

The 1919 Tour is part of the 2014 MayWorks Festival. http://mayworks.org