Better Trade for Canada – NDP Town Hall

May 6, 2014

Don Davies, NDP Trade Critic in the House of Commons, brings his Town Hall Meeting series to Winnipeg on Monday, May 12 at 6:30 pm in the Union Centre auditorium, 275 Broadway.

NDP MP Davies is using the forum to discuss trade, the economy and building Canada’s progressive future.  As Daviews puts it:   “Canada is a trading nation. From coast to coast to coast, our lands and people are rich in resources and ready for the world. It’s time to build a better trade plan for Canada – one that ensures our international trade engagements provide sustainable prosperity for all Canadians for generations to come. Join us in developing a progressive trade policy for Canada’s future.”

This important discussion will be well worth taking part in, so plan to attend with anyone you think will be interested in our collective economic future.