Blue Bombers put safety of workers ahead of 2012 stadium opening

June 16, 2012

On Saturday, June 16, the Winnipeg Free Press reported on the decision by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to delay the opening of their new stadium until the 2013 season:

“… There is the overriding fact that most of the construction delays that led to Friday’s announcement were for the most fundamental of reasons: worker safety. The reason they couldn’t put that canopy roof up in high winds is because it would have been unsafe to do so — simple as that.

Know what happens when you try to build a stadium unsafely? At the end of construction, you put up a memorial plaque that becomes an indelible stain on your building forever. Just as they had to do at Milwaukee’s Miller Park, where three workers died building that stadium in 1999 when a crane collapsed while lifting a section of roof.

An investigation in Milwaukee later found high winds were at least partly to blame for the accident.
What price is too high? That price is too high.”

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