Discrimination against Manitobans with Disabilities Swamps Human Rights Commission

November 17, 2011

A new analysis from Barrier Free Manitoba shows that 40 per cent of complaints to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission over the past decade have related to discrimination against Manitobans with disabilities. By far, disability discrimination is the number one type of human rights complaint in Manitoba. The new analysis can be viewed in this Barrier Free Manitoba document (PDF format).

Clearly, the current complaint-driven system of dealing with disability discrimination isn’t working. This system is failing injured, disabled and older workers, and all Manitobans with disabilities.

The MFL continues to support the Barrier Free Manitoba campaign for comprehensive Accessibility-Rights Legislation in Manitoba. Such legislation would establish a 20-year plan and process to make all sectors of society accessible, including workplaces, public spaces, transportation and communications media. MFL President Kevin Rebeck expressed the MFL’s strong support for such legislation at a legislative committee hearing last spring.

Much more information about Accessibility-Rights Legislation and Barrier Free Manitoba’s campaign can be found on their website.