International Women’s Day Celebrated at Union Centre

March 8, 2013

More than 100 Union Women and their social justice partners celebrated March 8th International Women’s Day over a pancake breakfast at Winnipeg’s Union Centre. Sponsored by the Manitoba Federation of Labour Women’s Committee, the Winnipeg Labour Council and the Canadian Labour Congress, the breakfast also served as a fund raiser for the Women’s Memorial Fund.Leah Gazan, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

Celebrants heard an inspirational message from two women from the First Nations community.

Leah Gazan is President of the Board of the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg, a faculty member at the University of Winnipeg, a member of Wood Mountain Lakota Nation (Treaty 4) and active in the First Nations Community reasserting the inherent right of indigenous people to be self-determining nations.

Lori Mainville is a member of the First Nations Community, a mother and a grandmother. A life-long member of Treaty 3, Lori has lived and worked in Winnipeg for nearly thirty years.

Together, they spoke of the important role filled by indigenous women in Social Justice movements; particularly the Idle No More movement.

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