Labour’s Effort to Help Haiti’s Earthquake Victims

February 10, 2010

All the world has watched with horror the images of the devastation caued by the earthquate in Haiti. Emergency relief to aid the victims is essential and the Canadian labour movement is responding once again with the same generosity and solidarity as in previous disasters. As in the past, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) is coordinating labour’s response.

The CLC worked with the Canadian Red Cross to set up a special donation portal on the Red Cross Web site. This system will help maximize individual contributions from union members and also make it possible to keep track of the amount of money donated by union members. Knowing how much is donated by individual union members will help to once again demonstrate the caring nature of union members and their concern for their communities, their country and the world.

Details of how to donate money through the Red Cross labour portal to help victims of the Haitian earthquake, with a form that enables you to make the donation online with your credit card, can be found on a special page on the Canadian Red Cross web site.