MFL calls for the extension of health care coverage for uninsured Manitobans

April 6, 2020

Today, MFL President Kevin Rebeck wrote to the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living to join in the call for the Government of Manitoba to extend health care coverage for those residents in Manitoba who are currently uninsured and do not meet the eligibility criteria for provincial health care coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we know that the health of our province depends on the health of all Manitobans. When those that are most vulnerable are denied health care, and believe they are unable to access free testing and treatment for COVID-19, it puts our entire community at risk of a more rapid and greater spread of the virus.

Migrant workers, international students, and undocumented migrants who have lost their status, are all at risk of contracting the virus and spreading it without access to easily acceptable free public healthcare. Currently some have some type of insurance, often private emergency service insurance that may not cover COVID-19 assessments, testing or treatment. Others may face the unaffordable barrier of paying up front for services and waiting for insurance companies to reimburse them. And still others have no health insurance at all. These circumstances, along with the fear of possible detention or deportation negatively influence these members of our community to put all of us at risk by not seeking healthcare services. You can read President Rebeck’s letter here