MFL takes concerns about 2013 City of Winnipeg Budget to Council

January 29, 2013

On January 29, 2013, MFL President Kevin Rebeck made a presentation to Winnipeg City Council about the City’s proposed 2013 Operating Budget. The presentation identifies a series of concerns, including:

  • the failure to allocate any resources to protect bus drivers from escalating violence;
  • the continued focus on privatization and outsourcing;
  • a vacancy management strategy that is starving public services of badly needed staff;
  • inadequate public consultation.

“We are concerned about the declining state of our infrastructure, including roads, sewer and water systems, important recreational facilities, and the recreational programs delivered through them,” said Rebeck.

“In spite of the fact that violence against bus drivers and other workers who routinely have face to face dealings with the public is well documented, there is not a single reference to this issue, nor is there a single penny devoted to addressing it even though it has reached the critical stage,” noted Rebeck. “Instead, nearly three-quarters of a million dollars will be spent on the mayor’s office’s ability to grease the communication wheels leading up to the next city election. Shame!”

Read the entire presentation.