MFL to speak in favour of Accessibility Rights Legislation

October 29, 2013

When Bill 26, the historic Accessibility Rights for Manitobans Act, goes to legislative hearings on October 29, Manitoba Federation of Labour (MFL) President Kevin Rebeck will be there to make a presentation on behalf of the MFL’s 96,000 members.

Rebeck’s submission expresses strong support for Bill 26 and urges its speedy passage and implementation. He will focus on the importance of accessibility rights to injured workers, older workers, workers with disabilities, and indeed all Manitobans.

“Equal access to job opportunities requires that workplaces are accessible to all workers, including those with disabilities,” said Rebeck. “Comprehensive accessibility rights legislation will help open up Manitoba, including workplaces, for everyone.” 

Bill 26 is the culmination of a long campaign initiated by Barrier Free Manitoba, a non-partisan, non-profit, cross-disability initiative formed in 2008. Barrier Free Mantoba has campaigned for the Province of Manitoba to enact strong and effective legislation that requires the removal of existing barriers and prevents the creation of new ones.

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