New Faces on Executive Council

December 8, 2011

As of December 8, there are number of news faces around the Manitoba Federation of Labour Executive Council table. The meeting held that day was retired United Food and Commercial Workers Local 832 President Robert Ziegler’s last meeting as the now-retired MFL Treasurer. His colleagues of many years and the new Executive Council members gave him a warm round of thanks and best wishes for the future.

 MFL President Kevin Rebeck (left) presented Brother Ziegler with a commemorative plaque which read, “In recognition of your many years of service to the working people of Manitoba through your effective leadership on the Manitoba Federation of Labour Executive Council as Vice-President, Executive Vice-President and Treasurer. Your capable efforts to promote the work of central labour bodies have made them an effective voice for workers in their dealings with government and business. You have been tireless in your representation of working families on numerous boards, commissions and committees advancing our members and their communities, and greatly increasing their quality of life. We owe you our thanks and gratitude. December 2011”

At the December 8 meeting, Executive Council elected Executive Vice-President Lois Wales (MGEU) as the Federation’s new Treasurer and Vice-President Jeff Traeger (UFCW 832) as a new Executive Vice-President.

Also joining Executive Council as Vice Presidents since 2010 are Bob Dewar (MGEU), Michelle Gawronsky (MGEU), Darren Steinhoff (CUPW), Ron Stecy (Building Trades), David Sauer (Winnipeg Area), Edward Miller (Portage Area) and John Lepine (CUPE).