Poll shows support for public postal services

June 13, 2013

OTTAWA- People like the idea of Canada Post making money through financial services according to a new poll.

Close to two out of every three respondents (63%) to a Stratcom poll supported Canada Post expanding revenue-generating services, including financial services like bill payments, insurance and banking.

 CUPW asked Stratcom to conduct the poll in order to contribute to the debate on the future of Canada Post. The post office is currently conducting a public consultation on its future, focusing on cuts.

“Canada Post has options other than cutting,” said CUPW National President Denis Lemelin. “It could follow the lead of post offices in other countries by leveraging its network and adding lucrative banking services. Our poll results suggest there would be support for such a move.”

The Stratcom poll also found that there is no appetite for major changes such as postal privatization and deregulation. 69 % of poll respondents opposed privatization of Canada Post and 71% opposed allowing private companies to deliver lettermail in Canada.

 These results are drawn from a Stratcom national online survey which interviewed a nationally representative sample of 1,514 adult Canadians between May 24th to 26th, 2013.

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